Live the culinary experience in the Collegiate Church

The restaurant of the Royal Collegiate of Saint Isidoro Hotel offers you a carefully selected local cuisine with modern touches. Taste the traditional Leonese food and the new flavors of our land through the different menus.

Every week we update our daily menu. You can check it below.

Make your celebration a unique event in any of our four private rooms with different capacities or in the cloister at the hotel entrance where you may enjoy a welcome cocktail. We offer professional ham / beef jerky cutting services, sliced local artisan cheeses, craft beers and more.

Our Menus



Taste our Cabildo “Spoon Menu”

Cabildo Menu

Every day of the week we offer a ‘Spoon’ menu proposal, slow-cooked with the style and flavor of yesteryear. The Cabildo menu is a proposal born of our city’s harsh climate and consisting of robust dishes in winter: ‘Maragato’ stew (a very hardy stew that traditionally would feed the field workers after a hard day’s work), Northern-style bean stew (in Spanish ‘fabada asturiana’), lentils with vegetables in a style typical of our province, potatoes with cod ... and lighter dishes in summer: ‘Salmorejo’ or cold-tomato soup made with local ‘Mansilla’ tomatoes and beef-jerky, ‘Sahagun’ leeks, ‘Escalivada’ or roasted vegetables on flat rustic bread and made with local ‘Bierzo’ peppers... all made with fresh, local ingredients that have one common denominator; tradition. A cuisine that comes from a return to old-fashioned meals, where slow and home-cooked brings us back to the warmth of the hearth.


Friday night, Saturdays and holidays.



Cuisine with a modern touch

Tasting menu

Since our beginnings at the Collegiate, we have always stayed true to our menu of the day. This menu is a combination of tradition with a subtle modern touch and it is the way we seek to delight and surprise through innovation and the quality of our product. A menu fit for every occasion, from friends’ dinners to business meals.



From € 25.00

Special Menu

We would like to offer some menu suggestions which we have selected as a guide, all of them are made at the Collegiate with the best products on the market. We look forward to welcoming and assisting you in person in our, which is now also your, Home, secure in the knowledge that you will not be disappointed and that we will do all that is in our hand to create a wonderful memory.



Recommendations of the month

D.O From Leon (Tierra de Leon)

SM Roble Don Suero Red wine Vintage Músico Vintage


D.O. Rioja

Solar Viejo Vintage Marqués dl Puerto Vintage Coto Mayor Vintage Vivanco Vintage Ramón Bilbao Vintage

D.O. Bierzo

Gatín del Risc Young Verses of Valtuille Cepas Viejas Vintage Art Vintage


D.O. Ribera del Duero

Prado Rey Roble The Arzuaga Vintage Plant

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